chloe: the bigness of big


:halloween 4:

technically, this is her 4th halloween, but really the first in which she gets the whole dress up and candy thing.

i feel like a wretched mother because i did not know they were having a parade at school. when i got there to pick her up, all the kids (the whole school) were marching around the playground looking a bit dazed and confused, while parents lovingly snapped pictures for posterity. i brought my camera with me when i dropped her off, but not to pick up. because of this parade, i had to park pretty far away, and was not able to get my camera in time to capture her first halloween parade. i felt pretty badly. i know there are many more years of halloween charades to come, but this was her first.

alas, TODAY is actually halloween, and i will be ready with camera to shoot while she trick-or-treats in our neighborhood for the first time. we went last year in vegas, but she really had no clue what she was doing, besides the fact that there was candy at the end.

this year she is cinderella. princesses are a big thing right now. she is obsessed with pumpkins, and any store that we go into, she has to touch every single pumpkin. she loudly proclaims every time that she sees a pumpkin or spider web in someone's halloween decor. but there is one house around the corner that she is particularly obsessed with. it's certainly the most decorated of the neighborhood, and even a bit scary (to me..i'm a chicken). it has this HUGE spider, about the size of a small car, on top of the roof, with red eyes, and a big 'ol web coming down from the roof to the ground, with another large spider. pumpkins abound, and there's some life-size mummy thing hanging from the eaves of the house. thankfully, i don't think she realizes what that is, yet. everyday, without fail, when we get in the car, she asks to drive by the house. sometimes we do, sit for a moment, observe the spider in broad daylight, and move on. i am curious to see how she reacts when it's dark, and the house takes on a completely different persona.

yesterday, in the midst of my bad parenting moment, she started telling me she was scared of the witches. she wanted to go home from school as soon as i got there, which is unusual. lately, she's been watching snow white, which is quite scary. i actually thought it was too much for her, and even more so now. no more snow white. anyway, her teacher, ms. rita, was a witch, so i asked chloe if she was scary, too? chloe said, "no, she's just ms. rita." fair enough.

it's strange to watch how kids begin to develop this fear. it really does seem to be influenced by the environment they're in, or the things they see. until snow white, witches were not a problem. i suppose that sometimes, in life, ignorance is bliss.

anyway, here are a few shots from our 2nd pumpkin carving last night (our first pumpkin collapsed, literally, into a fruit fly grave of mold and stinkiness):