chloe: the bigness of big


:no mas ninos. solomente los tres:

i think this has probably been the hardest week yet. it's no one thing, just a conglomeration of stresses capped off by an incredibly fussy and annoying baby. we love her. we do. but there's a fine line between teething or genuine need and spoiled kid. i'm not sure which side of that line she's on, or maybe she's just crawling the fence. whatever the case, she has put us in a very tired and frustrated state. maybe we'll change in a couple years. but for now, she's it.

anyway, on with life. we shall push through and enjoy the quiet times and hopefully get a break for ourselves somewhere in the fringes of the life that revolves around chloe.


:the food and the fuss:

chloe is doing wonderfully with her introduction to food. although she only gets about a teaspoon of avocado every couple days, she seems to be taking to it quite well. but, she hasn't pooped in 4 days and the sleeping remains sporadic. she's done well today with her naps, but i've learned that that is no indication of how she'll do at night. so far, it's half past 10 and she's sleeping solid. fingers crossed.

other than that, chloe is status quo. no incredible new developments to speak of.

jared has been watching her a lot lately while i train and run errands. here is a pic from one of their sessions together...

other random notes...check out my website a b l e k n i f e to share in a unique opportunity to express yourself. i want your stories. give 'em to me.

well, i spoke too soon.

she's awake.


:the joy of cooking:

so, i tried...with fresh, mashed hass avocados.

she didn't hate it. she mostly seemed confused. she got bored after about 10 minutes and spit most of it out. but, i suppose it was a good intro. and the high chair is genius.

here are some photos to commemorate our first bit of solid food...

:avocados & sweet potatoes:

the lady upstairs just walked by our patio and gave a disapproving look. we were warned about flo. apparently we're not living up to her standards. ah well.

anyway, last night was nice. chloe only woke up once, and although i only got 6 1/2 hours of sleep, i felt very refreshed come morning. we made jared waffles and homemade whipped cream, which was more my delight than his. we walked him to work in the very warm sunshine and as we walked back up our street, chloe met her first friend. a very nice man standing outside his house stopped to compliment my stroller, we began talking and met his baby boy, kaleo (sp?). he was a cute kid...very smiley. i forget the man's name...maybe george? or is that the bulldog next door? anyway, we chatted for a minute over baby stuff, he complimented chloe on her infamous lips and said we were always welcome. that was nice. we love having a community, a neighborhood to explore.

now we're home, chloe is finishing a nap in her carseat while i wait for the floors to dry. oh the life of a housewife. it's kinda nice.

last night chloe showed her independence and curiousity. i had her on my lap while i was eating and she persistently tried to grab the bowl. everytime i lifted the fork away from the bowl, she'd dive in with her hand and attempt to pull the bowl towards her. she knows. it's incredible how much she has developed just in the past 2 weeks.

today, or maybe sometime this week we are going to introduce some solid foods. it's a bit scary, and exciting. the thought of our little chloe sitting up in her highchair, throwing food on the walls and getting more mush on her cheeks than in her mouth just sounds lovely. no, really, it's exciting. i look forward to making her food and giving her nourishment and just having more fun with her. i love watching her mature and she loves to act like she's mature. isn't that the story of life?


:catch up:

here's various photos from the past week.


:our first video:

here we are.


:delay, oh delays:

so, we are moved, and have been for about a week, but have only just received our modem. it's been a long wait, and it's still a bit sketchy, but we're connected either way.

chloe has been awfully impatient, let's say. the nights have been horrible. waking up every 2-3 hours for who knows what reason, and her sound of the week...shrieks. our tile floor is not conducive with this new sound.

let's hope that she gets into a groove soon.

we'll write more once we get a more comfortable setup.