chloe: the bigness of big



chloe saw her first snow...and protested.

we spent about 5 days in vegas with my family. jared got to ski, and thankfully, the local ski spot had just received 8 inches of fresh powder. we drove up to meet up with them and capture chloe's excitement over all this white stuff. well, she wouldn't even stand on it. bummer.

she was not a good baby while we were there. lots of people, boredom, i don't know. but i'm glad that she's home because she's much happier.

here are some photos from our trip:


:3 cheers for naps:

today, even though chloe has been a little turd lately, she did something i truly appreciate.

we were in the living room and it was nap time. so, i turned off pbs, and said, "come on...let's go to bed!", held out my hand and she grabbed it, leading me to her room. i closed the blinds, turned on her heater and she walked to the crib and held the bars like she actually wanted IN! i put her down, she grabbed her turtle pillow and laid her head down like she wanted to sleep. we said our goodbyes and i didn't hear another peep.

that makes my sick day a lot better.


:oh the ears:

well, chloe has her first ear infection. she woke up a couple nights in a row with a raging fever, and i finally took her in yesterday. pretty much what i thought. besides losing her voracious appetite, she's been a good sport.

here's chloe in her new shoes, with some other accessories of her choosing (& placement).


chillin' with the laundry while watching rachel.