chloe: the bigness of big


:the big one:

we have been trying to potty train for a long while. just when we thought we were getting there, she regressed. i am told this is normal.

so, while we've been trying, we came to a point where we realized, like nearly everyone has told us, that she would do it when she was ready. i just didn't think that time would be when she's sporting a 104 degree fever...but it 'twas!

last week, she woke up cranky and sick, mild fever, telling me her body hurt. she also told me she had to pee pee. i wasn't too alarmed because this happens a lot. but we went in there, sat her down, and to the delight of my ears, those precious sounds of tinkle started echoing through the porcelain bowl. i'm pretty sure...wait no. i WAS overly excited. i was doing a freakin' pee pee dance, screaming, throwing out high fives. it was so simple. all this agony and holding and then poof! she does it!

of course, i didn't want to get too excited. she has peed before. but something was different. happy to say, that most of her pee pee has been in the toilet for the past few days. she held it the ENTIRE day at daycare on tuesday, but let it all out the minute she got home in the toilet. the poop is a different story. she's done it in the toilet, but there is definitely a high level of anxiety that goes along with excreting something out of your anus and into a bowl.

you know what...i don't care. she pees in the toilet and i am starting to get pretty confident that she's going to tell me about it before it happens. she even peed at erin's house tonight. that's when you know you hit the big time...the potty goes in other toilets, too!

potty training is really like most other things in life. you can't expect too much. when you start to expect your kid to be trained by a certain age, or to do it in a certain way, you just get exhausted, frustrated and generally poopy (pun intended). as parents, i suppose we have to let go of those expectations just as much as we have to let go of our children as they grow older.

i really enjoy her right now, just how she is. she's the most awesome kid ever!

<3 you, chloe :)