chloe: the bigness of big


:the summer post:

i don't know how life seems to snowball together into one giant lump of busyness, but it does. phew.

we have been all over the place: st. louis, L.A., bowling, the Welk, weddings, baseball games and on and on...

in the midst of going and going, we've been really enjoying chloe and her quirky personality. she is a true joy. my day begins and ends with the thought of her, and i love it.
that being said, she has still mastered the art of turning on the waterworks at any given time, and now insists that she gets a treat after every meal and every dookie. this will be a hard one to pun intended.

she has a new friend, kaia, who is just a few months younger. thankfully for us, her parents are a lot like us and getting the kids together is a good excuse for us parents to chill with some beers and a game of mario kart.

more and more i am thankful for this time. sometimes it's difficult when you can't do your own thing, but we have health and family and there isn't much else that could be better.


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