chloe: the bigness of big


:2009 update:

my apologies for the long absence.

so much has happened, is happening and surely will happen.

the collages are just a collection of photos over the last month or so. one day at the beach with friends, time with my dad and grandma, wild animal park, and fun times at home.

chloe has become such a wonderful, playful addition to our lives. yes...she has moments of being a terrible 2. but overall, she brings a lot of joy.

she talks a lot. she loves to read, especially "The Snowy Day" and "I Can Read With My Eyes Shut". She's currently obsessed with The Fox and the Hound. She has become very attached to certain blankets for no apparent reason. She has proven to be a great actress, especially when i drop her off at daycare.

we started going to a new church about a month ago, and she is doing great there. we all feel at home there.

she is most excited, as are we, about the house that we are currently in the process of buying. she can't wait to tear up that yard with her voracious, 2 year old footsteps. we can't wait to see her smile there :)



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