chloe: the bigness of big



chloe likes fish, which is great. the problem is, her word for "fish" sounds like "shits". today as i was putting her in the car at the store, we were talking about fish, and she loudly proclaimed, with a smile, "SHITS!"

no one was around, but i laughed and continued to try and sound out the word for her. so far, no luck. i suppose it's just one of those adorable toddlerisms.

the other thing, which is really amazing to me as her mother, is how observant she is. we were walking around trader joe's in the wine section, when she starting pointing at something in the dessert aisle, saying, "muh-ee," which is her word for "money". i turned around, somewhat perplexed, because i just couldn't figure out what on earth would cause her to say money. as i scanned the aisle, i saw a sign above the desserts with a large, hand drawn silver coin. it was either a nickel or dime, but regardless, she quickly saw that thing we call money.

i suppose the fact that she knows its money isn't really that amazing, but that she could find it in the store, in a different form than she knows at home, and yell it out, was really cool to me.

oh yeah...she also pees and poops in the toilet about once a day!


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