chloe: the bigness of big



as a part of my renaissance into organization, i am implementing a schedule that structures each weekday with a theme. for example, fridays will now be Cookin' Fridays, or Bakin' Fridays. each friday we will make some sort of delicious dessert together, and then eat it! other ideas are craft day, park day and tea party day (chloe's idea).

yesterday was a test run on bakin' fridays with red velvet cake. chloe saw one at costco last week and wanted to buy it. we didn't buy it, but i told her we could try making it one day. it was less than stellar. i'm a great cook and a mediocre baker. ah well. it was a long and delicious process and she had fun. we also got to sport our matching starbucks aprons. that was my favorite part!

here's to many more delectable sweets and treats!


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