chloe: the bigness of big


:singin' in the...always:

found a great website for you moms out there that want non-toxic baby stuff, particularly toys! this particular toy, chloe needs. she loves keys, which most babies probably do.

i forgot to mention in recent posts about chloe's singing. i may have told you how she sings when we sing, but it's crossed over into singing whenever there is any music on: the radio, record player, tv, at church, and sometimes, even with the blender. as a parent, i think hearing my daughter sing to worship songs at church was absolutely magical. two of our great passions, god and music, are becoming our daughter's great passions, least at 7 months of age.

the other day we were playing in her room, i pulled out the guitar and started playing and singing, and sure enough, chloe chimed in, effortlessly, while she played with toys. so precious.

we love this kid.


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