chloe: the bigness of big



sunday was chloe's first earth day. lucky for us, there is a huge earth day fair in balboa park every year. lovely, sunny afternoon spent perusing the booths and seeing the intense color, both the literal and figurative, of the event. jared and i were happy to see that there were a couple booths put up by Christian groups supporting environmental causes. of course, there was the usual faire, both liberal and conservative. there was the judgmental "Christian" guy, telling everyone they needed to repent and assuming we were all hedonistic bacchanals. and of course, the proud liberal touting a giant cardboard sign with bush and cheney on it that said, "can we eat them yet?" but, this is the world. i'm glad to take chloe somewhere to see so many different walks of life. while we didn't plant a tree or anything like that, i was happy to have a chance to partake in some way. i hope that we can live out an earth day attitude on a regular basis.

that's about all. some pictures to follow :)


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