chloe: the bigness of big


:a swing and a prayer:

this whole child thing is so much bigger than us. all you parents know that. we don't have to tell you. but for
us, being first timers, we are daily reminded of this amazing, humbling and tiring task of raising a child.

sleep continues to be elusive. last night would be considered "good", even though i was crying at one point. but, i actually got a 3 hour stretch of uninterrupted sleep. i count that on the positive side. i wish we could at least get a pattern going. mainly though, i've found that chloe simply wants me. i asked jared to get up and try to console her, and she screamed. i came in, took her and she was totally quiet. this doesn't help my situation. but, we will push on and persevere.

my family was in town this weekend and we had a chance to get to mission bay for a quick lunch. chloe had her first ride in the swing. i was bummed that jared couldn't be there, and felt bad because i told him not to put her in the swing a couple weeks ago. oops. but i did get these shots to commemorate this wonderful moment. looks like she'll have a stronger stomach like mom ;)

these other shots were just from a little nap chloe decided to take on the couch. this is very rare, but usually welcomed...


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