chloe: the bigness of big


:better, sort of:

well, thanks for the prayers. chloe has been worlds better the past couple nights. still waking up once or twice, but completely different than the hell that was saturday night.

i have to credit my mom, who i desparately called at 6am sunday morning to lament over my lack of sleep. she seemed to think that chloe may be incredibly hungry. i never really thought of that. i felt like i had been feeding her enough, but after running 10 miles saturday, i started to think that my milk may be affected. so, chloe has been eating a lot more solid food, with breasfeeding mixed in. this has been a good thing all around. i have more freedom to do things out of the house while others feed her, and she seems to be better. whether or not that was the cause of saturday's meltdown, we'll never know. but chloe clearly wants to eat...and eat, and eat.

we need continued prayers for chloe, for our family, for decisions to make and such.


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