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yes, last night was basically hell. today has been only slightly better, thanks to this new addition:

we went to pick up her carseat today and jared became infatuated by this jumper. he asked to try it. chloe loved it. we saw it as the answer to our woes. she could get exercise while also jumping out all her energy, thus being ready and willing for bed. that was the theory. the reality, so far, is more like this: she enjoys the jumper for about 1/2 hour, then gets bored, or needy and just starts the scream fest again. putting her to bed...awful. what happened to our trained little baby that went to sleep with ease?

anyhow, here we sit dreading the moment where we have to put her in the crib. i'm literally scared and anxious. it nearly sends pain up my body. after about 2 hours of sleep, with about an hour nap this morning, and a 10 mile run saturday, i think i'm about done. we need prayers this way. and prayers that our neighbors won't come after us with torches and pitchforks.

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Blogger corianne said...

Kelly -
Just had to check in on your wonderful Chloe Blog, so cute! Marli is a fantastic sleeper and yet she went through the same phase at around six months. My guess is that Chloe is going through some major teething and she might be having headaches or general pain at night. If you feel comfortable, giving her some tylenol just before she goes to bed should help your sweet wee one through the teething. You guys are such great parents!!
Love - Corianne.

19 March, 2007  

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