chloe: the bigness of big


:a bit of a sabbath:

as i write, jared is about to go crazy as our lovely daughter throws her sippy cup off the highchair. we officially have a child.

today, after jared had some cavities filled, we took a quick trip over to balboa park to enjoy the sunshine, warm weather and a day off. what a lovely time. i took lots of photos and remembered why i used to be a photographer. i guess i still am, but spending a day like this out, i begin to feel a bit guilty for not using this gift more. i really need to.

anyway, we went in the giant arboretum, fed chloe bananas on the lawn, listened to a violinist and his friend play accordian and took advantage of the free museum entry on tuesdays. today was the photography museum, oddly enough. some good stuff. one woman in particular had a few beautiful photos of feet and legs in various public places. that's not a good description, but it was good stuff. chloe was good just long enough to peruse the gallery in the stroller. her first museum visit.

so, back to the sippy cup, which she has basically figured out how to use. it's actually a sucky sippy cup. it just has some water, which is supposed to be good for them when they start eating solids. it's keeping her occupied for now.

here's a lot of photos. the bottom ones are my personal shots that i thought i'd share.

peace. xo.


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