chloe: the bigness of big


:another baby?!:

ha. gotcha.

no, i'm not pregnant.

but, our good friends, jared and rhian, welcomed their baby girl, jaelyn marie, on thursday. she was a bit early, so she was 5 lbs 15oz. i haven't seen her yet, but we are going back this evening to try and sneak a peak. congrats.

as chloe and i slowly walked the halls, which happened to be the very same halls where chloe was born, this very bizarre sensation came over me. some of it was dread, remembering the times i had to pause and lean on jared as i labored in that same hall; some of it was odd, like the moms that were perfectly made up in the photos lining the walls; and incredibly, some of it was a desire to do it all again. this is the first time i have experienced such a feeling. i love chloe, but most of the time, the thought of doing all of it again, pregnancy, labor, delivery and then raising a child, is so very overwhelming. but i had it today. and as fast as it comes on, it is gone.

just so you know, there are no plans to have more children. at least not soon.

so, carrying on with our little bundle of joy, chloe...not much to report. she continues to be an avid wheel watcher, compulsive eater and off the charts HUGE (hence the eating).

2 new things: one, this great device in the photos below. i forget what it's called, but i choose to just say sucky thing, 'cause that's what she does, sucks. she grabs this thing with the ferocity of a lion going after a helpless wildebeest. she's insane. but i love it. it keeps her happy and quiet without much fuss on my part. get this thing for your kids.

the second revelation, is that chloe is obsessed with clocks. i noticed a particular fascination she had when we were at tia megan's house. they have a massive clock, which chloe was fixated on. i figured since it was so enormous, that it was an obvious point of interest for a baby. but oh no. i soon caught chloe wrenching her head to look at things in a room. what on earth? lights? pictures? no. a freakin' tiny clock with black numbers and a white face. i mean, it's not like she's right in front of it. she has to look up and across the room just to see it at all. but she's keenly aware of them. she did it again today when we were at the hospital. she just couldn't get enough of the clock in their hospital room...the tiniest wall clock known to man. i'm not sure what that means...maybe she's into numbers? shapes? it's quite peculiar.

anyway, that's that.



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