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:final reminder:

i know i must get annoying doing advertising on this blog, but i'm doing it anyway :)

i am nearly at my $1700 goal for the marathon! thank you so much!

as a reminder, MAY 11 is the last day that Team in Training will accept donations before charging me for the difference. as much as i would love to donate more, i have limited funds. So, if you haven't donated yet, this would be a great time! you may still donate after that date, and even after the actual marathon, whether or not i have reached my goal or not. they could definitely use the support.

once again, i appreciate your continued support, whether financially or prayerfully! i definitely need the prayers!


ways to donate:

go to my TNT site: Kelly's site


send a check to me, made out to THE LEUKEMIA & LYMPHOMA SOCIETY

if you need my address, contact me:)


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