chloe: the bigness of big


:chloe and the country:

down here in san diego, the country isn't exactly the rolling hills of farmland and rivers. but, the country is still the country, and we were a family in the country today.

jared volunteered with starbucks to help out with this "day in the country" for the united cerebral palsy foundation. i decided to skip my saturday run (because i was crazy enough to do the 13 miles on my own yesterday) and take chloe along. we weren't really sure what we were doing, but it ended up being a good first service trip. basically, it was held at woman's house who works with people who have special needs. most of the people there were just regular folk helping to fundraise. we worked the registration table, got to meet some very generous and loving people, and even got to eat the biggest chicken breast i've ever seen. thankfully, chloe was great until the very end. as you'll see in the photos, we saw the normal country faire: old men in a band, chickens, goats, dirt, grass and....llamas! what farm is complete without a llama!? i love those animals. they are the coolest looking creations.

anyway, we left feeling very content, humble and i think, connected. good times.

the bad part of the day was chloe's constipation. she's been doing this grunt thing for days now, which i assumed was in response to a monster dump knocking on the door. well, she let it loose today, but not without a bunch of pain. her poor little butthole just wasn't big enough to compensate for her poop. but, i'm sure she must feel better now.

that's all for now. have a wonderful easter. may we remember the true gift that is easter.


-the s's.


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