chloe: the bigness of big


:future gameshow host?:

have i mentioned chloe's obsession with wheel of fortune? she's crazy about it. she could be eating, in the jumper, the highchair, whatever, and she'll stop all else to watch. we were never "wheel watchers", but now, at 7pm every night, i flip on the tv so chloe can indulge her gameshow fanaticism. see, i'm learning that it's not JUST wheel of fortune. but family feud, jeopardy, and even american idol. there must be something about the sounds and colors that are very intriguing. whathever it is, it keeps her happy.

sorry there haven't been many photos lately. haven't really been taking out the camera a bunch. but i'll add some today.

chloe's been pretty good at the sleep. at most, we have to get up once and feed just a little. but for the past couple nights, we've just let her cry when she cries (which is sometimes almost nothing), and go back to sleep. i just wish we didn't have an alley behind us. some guy coughed last night and she woke up. it's frustrating.

enjoy the photos...



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