chloe: the bigness of big


:a modest request:

this may come as an inconvenience for some, but ultimately this is our health and environment.

first, i want to thank anyone who has been generous in giving chloe clothes, toys, etc. we're definitely grateful.

while we are thankful, we are also trying to stay abreast of what is healthy, sustainable and environmentally sound.
so, from here on out we are requesting (but not demanding) that if you would like to purchase things for chloe, that you think about choosing a safer option. an example would be a wood toy instead of plastic, glass containers rather than plastic or even organic clothing. we realize that in some cases this may be an expense issue, which is why we certainly don't expect to get a bunch of stuff. but i'd rather have a few things that are good than a lot that may be harmful.

i know you may think i (we) am crazy, but there is legitimate concern and argument for the reasoning. while i'm not going to try and win people over to the environmentalist side, i challenge you, especially if you have young children in your life, to just check out the facts and choose for yourself. we all have to decide what's best for our own families.

for more info and links to informative sites on these issues, go here. of course, a simple search on google can bring you to a lot of helpful information as well.

thanks for your continued understanding, love and support.



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