chloe: the bigness of big


:at last:

the poop finally came. thanks to a little organic unfiltered apple juice, we awoke to a fresh poop. this excited state we are in may seem odd, but if you're a parent, you know the relief when your little one finally lets it go. it's just awful to watch them struggle. so yeah!

chloe is getting big, and when i say big, i mean she weighs as much as some 2 year olds. in trying to keep with our convictions and living sustainably, i've begun shopping for some clothing for chloe that is good for her, and for the environment. this link is to a wish list of things that chloe could use. obviously they aren't must-haves, but items that could last awhile, and be passed on. i'm planning on getting chloe some stuff, and if you're feeling generous today, check out these items.

we sure appreciate your love & support!



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