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so, chloe has been having this weepy eye for a few days off and on. otherwise she seems fine, but i've been sort of watching it. i guess when you have a child, you are presented with many different options of how to tackle problems. before having a kid, you never realize all the struggles, like this, which parents go through. there's still that immunization issue, which we haven't completely decided on. then there's the choice between extensive use of antibiotics or limited use. tylenol or no tylenol? organic or conventional? etc etc etc.

today i finally just made a decision. chloe has been suffering from what seems to be some kind of allergies and i don't really believe in being given some baby meds just to treat symptoms. i'd like to treat the root. so i made the call to a naturopathic doctor team here in san diego. they work with all ages, but also have special experience in pediatrics. they are a husband/wife team. we are just going in for a consultation on friday. does it cost a lot? yes. but i finally had to make the choice about whether or not the money or our daughter's well being would win out. her well being must be paramount. jared agreed that it was a good idea. while i don't think he's as insistent about natural medicine, he doesn't disagree with it and is very willing to learn more. i appreciate that. these doctors don't do well baby visits, so she will still be seen by her regular lady if we choose to be treated naturally. the naturopaths will only treat specific issues. so that is that. we shall report what comes of our visit on friday!



Blogger Emily said...

won't she have to be immunized to go to school?

01 May, 2007  
Blogger ableknife said...

there are exceptions to that rule. the obvious is home schooling, which probably will not happen for chloe, but isn't 100% ruled out. california law gives parents the option of claiming philosophical, religious or medical reasons for a child to be sans vaccincation. chloe has been vaccinated with all of the manditory vaccines up to now.

there's a lot to be said on this issue, and it's one with much debate behind it. at this point, if nothing else, chloe's vaccinations will be spaced out, per our request. i continue to do research on many of the vaccination issues. the one good thing to report is that vaccines (with the exception of some flu vaccines) no longer contain thimerosal, a kind of mercury which has been suspected as having a link to the epidemic of autism in the last 15 or so years.

of course, anyone with extensive knowledge on this topic is welcome to chime in. i'm very open to any info. you may have. we plan on talking about this issue on friday when we go in.

01 May, 2007  

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