chloe: the bigness of big


:weekly recap:

sorry for the negligence. just haven't really made time to sit and type.

so, the other day i put photos from our trip to the zoo up. that was great! jared's one request was to go to the san diego zoo, which is just a couple miles away. while we weren't able to spend a lot of time there (chloe had been out of the house all day prior and fussing), we were able to see the pandas, primates, giraffes, lizards, etc. it was very busy! we hope to go back, and may even buy a yearly pass which would also include the wild animal park. since chloe is still under 3, she's free! yeah!

before the zoo trip, we were at balboa park for a fundraising lunch that jared's coworker invited us to. really, we got a a good deal: sit and eat outback for free. it was for a program called starpals, which serves underprivileged kids in the sd area. every year they have this celebrity lunch where local "celebrities" (mainly b-list) serve you lunch, while you tip them. the money raised goes towards the program. chloe wasn't so hot on the whole lunch thing. but, jared bought a baseball, which they were selling, and had mike cameron sign it. he was one of the servers, and probably the most notable. if you don't know who he is, he is the center fielder for the padres. one of the padres relievers, heath bell, came and talked for awhile, and signed a few things for chloe. he was very friendly, but honestly, i didn't know who he was until this season. ah well. maybe he'll be the next trevor hoffman and then we'll have some valuable stuff!

since that friday, we've just been plugging along as usual. i'm still training and completed 18 miles 2 saturdays ago. about 3 weeks until the marathon so keep up the prayers for stamina!

we went to the naturopath and had a brief consultaion. very sweet lady who seemed quite sure that both chloe and i are suffering from some sort of food allergy. we'd really like to continue with her, but it's so expensive to do. hundreds of dollars, none of which insurance covers. we're still thinking about it. we shall have to see how work goes for me in the next couple months before committing.

as for chloe, she'e feisty as ever. man, she's a terror, but in a good way. we started a very strict schedule set forth by Super Baby Food, and it has been so helpful. chloe essentially has five feedings a day. the first one and the last one are just breast milk, and the 3 middle ones (breakfast, lunch, dinner) are solids and breast milk. the solids are very specific: vitamin a, vitamin c, and a grain, which are made up of various fruits and vegis. her diet has expanded to apples, peas, broccoli, mango, sweet potato, pears and homemade brown rice cereal. so far, she loves it all. her sleep has been much better, her poop is more regular, and overall, she seems much happier. jared said it's been like night and day. she still gets 2 good naps during the day, but that's it. she's such a little person!

we're traveling to washington this thursday for a wedding. this will be the first plane flight for the chlo. please pray. it should be an experience. i hope to just keep seeing it as that, not as a nuisance.

love to all.


photo by my dad, 5/5/07


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