chloe: the bigness of big


:good times:

we are happy to report that chloe was superb this weekend! i guess the decision to just take it in stride worked. the plane ride up couldn't have been better. not a peep out of her. of course, it helped that she charmed everyone around her. they immediately felt love towards her instead of frustration.

she also slept through the night, which was a surprise considering she was just in the pack and play in the closet. i guess she was revisiting her early days on hotel circle. i think she must have been spoiled with all the new fandangled toys that grandma had ready. definintely a treat for chloe.

she charmed everyone at the wedding, neighbors, random people walking by. she's a stunner...what can we say?

anyway, we had a great 4 days away, reconnecting as a family, as husband and wife, but are so glad to return to beautiful san diego.

there will be some photos to follow, lots.

pray for my ankle. i had a minor slip up and am hoping it doesn't effect the marathon.


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