chloe: the bigness of big


:Christmas and beyond:

we really haven't had a chance to post about Christmas. so, here it is, along with a bunch of photos.

it was fast. starbucks is not conducive with family time. we know that. wish it were different, but it just is. we left sunday night, the eve of Christmas, and spent Christmas day and the day after with my parents, sisters, gamma, freddie and charmagne. it was nice to be home, but i was sick. i seemed to get sicker while i was there and eventually lost my voice, which i hadn't done before. thankfully, chloe has not been sick yet.
we got some good goodies and chloe got her share, too. chloe was obviously the favorite. tia melody and tio freddie hadn't seen her since the weekend of her birth. they were clearly thrilled.
we were able to spend some good time with great gamma, too. she's been having a bit of a rough time so it was nice to share chloe with her. she's very special!

since Christmas, it seems like we've just been going. jared hasn't had a day off since we got back from vegas and i've been trying to work, clean, pack, shop and all those various homemaker duties. i don't know where the days go. i thought i might actually get bored. ha. i don't know what i was thinking.

chloe has been on the verge of flipping from back to stomach. following is a photo of her trying. she's starting to actually figure out that she can push with her foot. but she gets frustrated when she's unable to turn over. she made it all the way on her side, but just couldn't quite swing over. soon enough.

one month from today, we'll be in a new home. we can't wait. this place, and our landlord are turning into a nightmare. more on that another time.

until next, have a blessed new year.



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