chloe: the bigness of big


:kill your televison:

i forbid chloe to watch news...but apparently, when i wasn't looking she got ahold of the remote and snuck a peek. darn kiddo.

let's see. i'm not sure what i wrote the last time.
so, here's a quick update.

jared has been a bit under the weather, so chloe and i have been playing nurses the last couple days. chloe is exceptional. i'm marginal.

we signed the lease for our condo and will be moving feb. 1, 2, or possibly the 3rd. most likely the 2. so, if you're in so cal and want to help, we sure wouldn't mind a few extra hands. we can't wait.

chloe has succeeded in pleasing me with graceful, uninterrupted sleep for 3 nights in a row. 2 nights ago, she slept until 8 am!! amazing. looks like we've got her sleeping through the night regularly. her feedings have spread out to every 3 hours, which seems to really help. what a kid.

not sure if i mentioned that i have been pumping milk for a local milk bank. this is a great cause. i believe i posted a link to the national milk bank site in an earlier post, if you'd like to check it out. if you're unfamiliar with this, basically, they give me a really nice industrial breast pump (to keep!), and when i get about 20 5 oz. bottles full, they send me a cooler, i wrap it up, and ship it back to them. they do whatever they do (?) to get the milk ready, and then its given to children that don't have access to breast milk. a very worthy cause. i mention it now because i have started the collection process over this past week.

anyway, i think that's about all. say prayers for us as we gear up for a very busy season in the schauermann household.


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