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:a little twist on Christmas:

the world is a changing place. and part of that change has been the onset of a consumer lifestyle. having a child and wanting to do our best to raise her to love without ceasing, and remember what this season is truly about, we request that any Christmas gifts directed towards our family come in the form of a donation to a charity. this season, we want to try to be more about giving and less about receiving; be focused on the beauty of Christ, rather than the stress of a mall; embrace the gift of one another.
below is a list of some charities that we believe in. to learn more about this project check out FIXMAS.

* Food on Foot
*Salvation Army
*Human Milk Banking
*Prodigal Project
*Rock for Life
*Save Darfur
*National Gardening Association
*Northwest Medical Teams International
*KCRW-Listener supported radio in Los Angeles

If you choose to give to one of these charities, or another, please let us know!
many thanks.
We love you all.


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