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:in need of some help:

SO, IT LOOKS like miss chloe has a mild case of excema. what it's caused by is yet to be determined. i'm thinking she may have a milk allergy because i drank some organic whole milk this morning, and then her cheeks seemed to get much worse. as i have watched her cheeks, particularly the right one, flare up, i have become more concerned. at times it seems like she's trying to rub them like they're itching.

i did some research on natural remedies and came up with calendula cream. i've tried olive oil and the baby lotions (which have way too many bizaree ingredients and fragrances to be good for her) with no help. so, off we went to whole foods where i found a calendula cream specially made for sensitive skin and babies. the cool part is that i can use it too, since i also seem to get rashy these days. i've been applying it since this afternoon and staying away from dairy. oh how i longed for some of that brie in the fridge. i bathed her and then lathered her up in the cream. she took a nap and it *seemed* to be better, at least upon glancing at her face. maybe it's that placebo affect.

regardless, i'm on the prowl for NATURAL remedies for skin rashes. i'm not positive this is excema, but it looks like pictures i've see and has the texture of it. i've emailed the nurse practioner with the hope of some help, but i will not use any steroidal based products or antibiotics at this point. she's not bleeding or crying abnormally.

please help...i'll try and get some photos up so that maybe ya'll can see what i'm talking about to help us identify the probelm.

ciao ciao


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