chloe: the bigness of big


:a big BIG girl:

we are thrilled to report chloe's first 8 hour stretch between feedings. i actually woke up on my own at 3 am and realized that i had not fed her yet. so, i pumped and went back to sleep until 5am, when she finally woke up to eat. amazing!

she started to giggle at me this morning. she smiles a ton in the mornings after she eats. she's particularly in love with mr. fan. she enjoys laying on our bed and staring up at him. i guess it is kind of a cool shape.

so, jared came home with a prop for a Christmas card. needless to say, it's for a dog, but it'll work. i couldn't wait to give a preview, so check this out:

how could anything be cuter?


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