chloe: the bigness of big



it's been a couple days since we have posted, but it's about time i unload some photos i've been collecting.

this morning she spent some time on the tummy, on the boppy. she was quite content sitting in the open air of the sliding door, staring at the trees and bikes and...the balcony i suppose. big big eyes. oh...the scratch, that was her fault. as i was changing her diaper at 5am, she suddenly let out a deathly screech. i didn't notice until later that the screech was the result of her gashing her head. she got over it quite quickly.

the leaves outside are so beautiful. being that we are in SD, there isn't a lot of foliage change. but, just outside our door is this giant tree, changing colors and losing its leaves on the deck. i love the way nature looks with chloe. it's two of God's creations in a peaceful companionship.

chloe is so enjoyable. we had megan (jared's sister) and her husband ryan over this afternoon, and she was the perfect picture of goodness. i'm not used to having people over, so it's nice to get a little break from toting her around. but, i also noticed that i missed her after awhile. it's a bittersweet thing. i'm just so used to being around her. she would stare at me across the room, almost like she was wondering why i wasn't the one holding her.

we are so proud of our daughter. she's basically the most perfect thing in the world. we simply love her.


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12 November, 2006  

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