chloe: the bigness of big


:rollin' with the chloe:

today, she rolled from her stomach to her back. i was amazed at how excited i was. such a simple accomplishment, yet it was as if she'd won a marathon or something.

the last 2 days have been wonderful. i find myself loving her so much more, enjoying my time with her and longing for her to be with me all the time.

her moments of dissatisfaction are much fewer, although still there. mainly, she only cries when she is tired, which is about an hour after she eats. whoever discovered that babies need a schedule is a genius. it has been the most valuable thing in raising her these last 6 weeks.

the term motherhood basically scared me, especially the first few weeks with chloe. now, i am beginning to take pride in that term, and the title of mother. i am truly blessed.


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