chloe: the bigness of big


:the first:

hello to all.
since i seem to have so many photos and stories that pertain just to chloe, i thought it would be best to just give the girl her own blog. maybe someday she can continue it with her own writings. but for now, this will be the spot to come to hear/see all things chloe anna schauermann :)


Blogger corianne said...

It looks like you guys have taken to parenting like ducks on water. I am always amazed by new parents after going through it myself. Good for you for getting out and exploring the world with Chloe. I know I couldn't when Marli was Chloe's age! The grocery store seemed like the scariest thing ever! I just couldn't imagine buying groceries AND watching Marli. Seems silly now!
Kudos to you guys. You are great parents.
Love and blessings - Corianne

31 October, 2006  

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