chloe: the bigness of big


:the sleeper:

i am happy to report that chloe is becoming more adapted to her crib and also to just falling asleep when she is supposed to. granted, there are still those moments of relentless crying for no reason.

this morning, she was so precious. we always swaddle her in a velcro swaddle. she started grunting and waking up around 6 so i decided to jump in the shower before she got too agitated and whiny. when i came out to check on her, the sweet thing had one leg and one arm hanging out, but she was totally quiet, just staring at the black and white photo we placed in her crib. i picked her up immediately and kissed her. i felt so bad for leaving her in such a state, but she just took it in stride, knowing that someone would eventually rescue her.

i think that's what it is often about: trust. i've noticed that if i put her in the stroller while she's sleeping, she will sometimes wake up and start crying for no reason. last week, i decided to stop and take her out to see if i could console her. she immediately stopped and i put her back without a fight. she fell asleep. i started thinking that maybe she just needed to know i was still there. when she's in the stroller, she can't see anything, so it may seem very isolated.

as she gets more used to crib life, she understands more about trust. we always come back for her, and never leave her in a poopy diaper, or hungry or in pain. we monitor the types of cries very closely. she's also learning to entertain herself, thank God. she will spend long stretches just staring, without a blink, allowing me to do simple things like dishes.

she is getting to be fun. and that's just swell.


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