chloe: the bigness of big


honorary aunt cori came to town from new jersey. cori is kelly's friend from way back in the days of walking to the busstop freshman year. it's crazy to think how much has changed in 12 years.

we did a lot of nothing. we did make it to the bay for a jog, a target run and then cori made some delicious baked mac n cheese. it's evil.

this morning, my new favorite hang out, the mission.

and mommy looked at chairs.

daddy decided to dress up, but didn't get the costume until the day before halloween. i tried to get him this muscle shirt that said it fit men up tp 200 lbs. when i got it home, it was clearly a child's size that someone put into the package. jared is 6', and the thing only covered half his stomach. i guess it only made the pirate outfit that much better.


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