chloe: the bigness of big


:autumn baby:

it's been a long and challenging day. chloe is great. she's been great.

she was a little squirrel today, thanks to seth and courtney. the kid is a bean. she is so long, i'm struggling to find clothing to fit her. she's 2 months old and just squeezing into the last of the 3 month old clothing.

today, we took her to the beach for a baptism in la jolla shores. it was her first time out on the real, sandy beach. well, actually, she was four wheeling it in the jogging stroller, but close enough. it was a stellar day, a bit breezy following last night's rain. probably a perfect time for a baptism.

we've been slowly weaning her off, or out of the swaddle. partially because she's outgrown the one's we have, and partially because i'm afraid she is going to roll over in it and suffocate. she's getting so strong, she can nearly flip herself over, even in her little baby straight jacket.

i just went into check on her during her nap, and she had somehow inched herself from the middle of the crib to the top. incredible.

tomorrow mommy has to get her tooth pulled. i'm a little concerned because i've never really had tooth work done, and i'm not sure how i'm going to feed her following.
she gets her shots this week. i'm not looking forward to that day. jared won't be able to come with me, and i don't want to have to hear her crying alone. i really hope it's the right thing.


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