chloe: the bigness of big


:she's dorothy:

big sleeper. that's what she is. i really think this is it, folks. she's turned the corner. i couldn't be more excited about being able to sleep for hours straight...except that my breasts wake me up now.

she's oh so cute, but has this red rashiness on her cheeks and belly. the nurse said she was a bit dry. i've been washing her in plain water, no soap, and putting olive oil on her cheeks. it helps for a bit, then she gets red again. i think part of it is her new found love for her hands. since her birth she has had an insatiable sucking instinct. she will suck on anything BUT the pacifier. i turn for a second, and she has her whole fist going in. sometimes she pisses herself off by sticking a couple fingers in and getting a poke that she doesn't understand. it's difficult to handle because you can't really discipline or explain to her why it's not good. part of me just wants to let her suck, but i also don't want her to become a thumb sucker, which she has done a couple times. anyway, when she does that, she gets drool all over her face, causing it to dry and rash. viscious cycle.

tonight the schauermann family went to dinner at mimi's cafe and chloe dawned her little red shoes, which remind me of the wizard of oz. check these duds out...


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