chloe: the bigness of big


:shopping women:

chloe and i decided to take a shopping day. since i got a clogged milk duct, i didn't want to do anything too taxing...and it is holiday season. we went to american apparel and shopped for us. i got some cute stuff to fit my ever changing body and chloe got an adorable pink hoodie.

we visited jared at work and just strolled around hillcrest. it was nice.

chloe seems to be getting back to sleeping through the night. she slept until about 6:15 last night, and about 5:30 the night before. the kid is great. she seems to actually WANT to go in her crib when she gets sleepy. she does her little whine, i wrap her up and put her down. she just looks up at me from the crib and gives me a smile, like she's saying, 'thanks, mom.' she's our chicken.

our one year anniversary is sunday. how crazy. but how lovely to be able to share it with our chloe :)


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