chloe: the bigness of big


:toys toys toys:

in an effort to change up the mundane routine of our days here at home, i started introducing chloe to some toys. first, i played with her little cow puppet making funny voices. she seemed interested, possibly confused at why i was talking but this funny looking thing was bouncing in front of her face. then, i got this yellow bear thing that rattles, crinkles and vibrates when you pull the string. she laughed at it yesterday, and today i just left it sitting next to her. she starting grabbing and lifting it up, at first just out of a gripping instinct, but then out of sheer curiousity. she looked at it like she does when she becomes engulfed in the beauty of her moving hand.

her development as of late seems to be exponential. we are so proud and humbled.

jared and i took one night away for our one year anniversary while auntie jen s. kindly watched chloe. i don't know that i'll ever want to be away like that least not while she's so small. i missed her terribly. but it was also good to regroup as a couple and realize just how good we have it.

and, to top it all off, we are going to sign the lease on a new place tomorrow! we won't be moving until february, but can't wait. it's a 2 bed/ 2bath condo in north park...secured complex, garage, 2 balconies, a block from morley field, across the canyon from balboa park and the zoo...and only a couple blocks from jared's current starbucks. of course, come feb., he'll probably be leaving that store. either way, we are centrally located in a great up-and-coming neighborhood. and for those of you familiar with north park, it's in the good part :)

that's our update. sorry i've been a bit negligent on the postings. lots of new, but exciting things coming our way!


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