chloe: the bigness of big


:the beauty of a sleeping babe:

today as i was doing various computer things, i held chloe. she was completely alert, and then i looked down a couple minutes later to find her out, and drooling all over my arm. thanks to my trusty in-screen camera, i captured this priceless shot. notice the shiny stream of drool down my arm.

her face continues to be red. now it seems to be more concentrated on her left cheek, where as before it was the right. it comes and goes without warning. i still haven't been able to pinpoint what she may be allergic to. maybe i should just fast and it'll get better?

oh...jared wanted me to add something. i told him to write it, but for some reason he feels weird writing on here.
so, the other day he was holding chloe up in the air, making her know, the perfect daddy moment. i told him to watch it because she would throw up on him if he held her like that too long. well, just like the pee pee incident, where i told him to get her in the bath asap because she'd pee on him, he didn't really listen. chloe's cuteness won him over, but her barf was what covered him. he got it to the face and up the nose...and she just dawned a smile. thankfully he had enough of a reflex to get the mouth closed. but the scent of fresh baby barf was present every time he breathed for quite awhile.


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