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:the sick 'ems:

well, jared and i have both been sick now. we're praying chloe doesn't get it. i was only sick for one day, and feel totally better today, thank God. taking care of a baby and being sick is pretty difficult without someone to help you. jared is still getting over a cough that he's had for a week. poor guy. he roughed it on the couch for 2 nights to keep from waking the babe, but she's still woken up twice a night for the past couple nights. i really hope she is ok. she went for over a week without one wakeup in the middle of the night. it's kind of odd to suddenly turn.

it's been chilly here, at least for so cal. we've had to use the heater and keep chloe bundled at all times.
she's been doing this new thing where she just baby talks. it's not really a whine, but many different high pitched cooing noises, like she's trying to say something. she doesn't really look at us, but she'll stare at the ceiling and make herself known...very loudly.

because her face thing seems to be better when she's not slathering it with drool, i've gone back to swaddling her during naps. it seemed to get worse when i stopped because she would suck on her hand while falling asleep and then drag drool to the side. since she's been swaddled, the face has been about 80% better. still there, but healing. i still believe that she may be allergic to something i am eating, but i am just going to discuss it with doc in a month.

along with efforts to stop the hand suckage, we've tried, in vain, to re-introduce the pacifier. basically, it's futile. i get her to suck, very haphazardly, for about 10 seconds before she loses control and spits it. or, she'll look at us and smile and lose control. it's hard to be upset when she smiles back.

i'm posting our Christmas card here. we could only afford a limited number, so if you didn't get one, my apologies. but, here it is for ya'll to see. hope you have a beautiful, peaceful Christmas.


Anonymous Yucan said...

Thanks for the Christmas card. It's great. Hope you two are doing well. We love you much.

21 December, 2006  

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