chloe: the bigness of big


:relentless talking?:

this noise she's making is beginning to make me crazy. at first, it was kinda cute; we'd just watch her stare at things and make these talking/whining noises. now, it's not funny. it's annoying, and even makes me wonder if something is maybe causing her discomfort. she doesn't seem to have a fever. she's eating normally. her poop is regular, normal color. she's not screaming in pain, but just whining. she could be tired, as she's regressed into waking up 2x a night. i don't know, but i really wish she would return to the cooing, sleeping chloe. thankfully, she still smiles and seems relatively happy for most of the time she's awake.
oh how they grow so quickly.

she's been getting more tummy time since i've been so negligent in making her have it. i don't want her to be under developed or something, so i've been making it a point to put her there everyday until she gets completely frustrated. she's definitely getting much stronger. still not rolling completely over or scooting, but i see it in the near future. she almost went from back to stomach the other night. she got completely on her side, but just couldn't quite swing that leg over to the other side. soon enough. here's some shots of her frustrating attempts at keeping her chin up...along with a comparison shot of me:


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