chloe: the bigness of big


:up up & away:

i guess this marks the start of a new phase.

today chloe pulled herself up in her crib. thankfully it was with me in the room. actually, it was a test. i put her in there to play for a minute while i got ready, but realized (per previous behaviour that showed her ability) i'd better make sure she's not going to grab the rails. i've been telling jared we have to move the crib down before i hear a thump in the middle of the night. sure enough, as she looked right at me, she got up. and not only did she get up, she started traversing the crib, not upwards but across. clearly she's more coordinated than we originally thought.

when i went in an hour ago to put her down for a nap, i figured i'd wait until jared was with me to change the whole crib around. but i couldn't. she's smart; and now that she knows she can pull herself up, she'll likely do it again very soon. so i took 10 minutes to lower it and put new sheets on. she can still get up, but at least she can't get over the side.

anyway, here's a couple photos from her journey to the top.



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