chloe: the bigness of big


:4 months:

every month that goes by, i am more amazed at how time really does fly. a child's progression from purple little dumpling just born to smiling, laughing, rolling baby is quite remarkable. and today is no exception. chloe is officially four months old.

the weekend was eventful. jared was fortunate to have 2 days off in a row, and they were saturday and sunday. it was nice to have a sort of normal weekend.

on saturday we drove up to LA to spend time with family and friends at my grandma ana's house for aunt robin's 50th birthday. catch all that? i have a lot of family. we weren't so sure how chloe would handle the bombardment of people due to her recent stranger danger phase she's fallen into. thankfully, she was a perfect angel. we bought one of those play yard deals to take with us so she could nap safely. it was a lifesaver. people couldn't get enough of her and kept telling us how beautiful she is and what a good baby she is. i can't lie...they are absolutely right. but then again, i may be a bit partial. she even tolerated the very loud, but cool, live salsa band that played. although, she enjoyed it more from behind a closed door. we were so proud of our little bun and so thrilled to introduce her to new family. she's a joy to everyone.

this photo of great grandma ana and chloe is probably one of my favorites (photo by me):

sunday, jared and i were able to slip off to see roman holiday at the north park theatre for a few hours. tia emily was kind enough to watch chloe, who, according to all reports, did very well. and of course, mom and dad enjoyed the much needed break and basked in the culture of city life. i still missed her.

but, the big news of the weekend is that chloe has finally mastered the art of rolling from back to stomach. now she can just start rolling around everywhere. it's not the most fluid roll in the world, and once she gets to her stomach, she's pretty pissed about it. she's still mastering the full roll. in time. we were so proud.

and on other random notes, here's me and chloe catching some must needed morning sleep following an AM feeding. any resemblace?

the following are some more photos from our weekend up north, taken by my dad. the one under the pepper tree with catalina in the background is where jared and i were married, dec. 3, 2005. the one with my dad, ana, me and chloe is special because of the 4 generations represented. it was a lovely time.


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