chloe: the bigness of big


:summer time:

so here we are, the week of our long awaited, anticipated, and somewhat dreaded trip to kauai. certainly not dreaded for the actual time we'll be there, but for the part where we are on a plane for 5 hours with a very active 2 year old!

we are torn between being super excited and completely unsure of unknown. but, overall, this should be a very rewarding first family vacation.

what else is new?

chloe is active and incredibly coordinated. she climbs, runs, says "jump jump" on the bed, rides her trike, kicks her ball, and plays silly games with jared on the bed. she is nonstop, and when i say nonstop, i truly mean it. just ask anyone who spends a day with chloe. she keep us busy and makes us laugh.

she babbles a lot, with random words thrown in. it's definitely been easier to communicate. and along with that better communication comes the defiance: the "no's" and "wants". she gets some naughty chair time almost everyday, and it seems to work. it's actually the only time she will sit still.

all in all, she is a joy. she still sleeps great, although she recently figured out how to climb out of the crib. it has only happened once, but i expect there to be more incidences soon :)

she's cuter than ever and has THE BEST baby mullet. people keep saying we should cut it, but why? it's so cute!

thanks for keeping up with chloe even though we aren't the best at keeping this blog anymore. we shall try.



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