chloe: the bigness of big


:finally, baseball season:

we're watching the teletubbies on a saturday morning, and chloe is copying them as they stick their bellies out. so adorable.

so, we've moved. we now live in a slightly smaller apartment, but in an area we truly love. really, we're only a mile from our other place, just spending $300 less a month to live.

chloe has really been enjoying her new home that has carpet everywhere, making it a completely new environment for play. we also live just a couple blocks from our favorite park, meaning we no longer have to drive there!

the day after we moved, which was not only the day that chloe's first cousin, annabelle mae, was born, but also both of my dads' birthdays, we took my dad, guy, to a dodgers vs. padres game. it was really a lovely day, perfect april day in the first week of baseball. can't wait for more this season!


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