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zoo day

it's been like summer here. yesterday it was seriously about 80. i guess it's sort of nice, although i wouldn't mind a little more cold before the heat.

anyway, since it was such a lovely friday, one in which i didn't have to work (very rare), we decided to make use of our zoo pass. what a perfect afternoon. it was almost hot, but not quite, the zoo was not too crowded and the three of us were able to really be a family. i wish that could happen more.

we got there and had lunch...some overpriced chicken fingers and fries. but chloe loved it. she even ate the raisins. then we started the long trek down the hill, through the aviaries, by the primates, and then back up to the elephants. of course, by this time, chloe was no longer enjoying a casual stroller ride. so, we let her walk. hilarious. mainly because it was jared chasing her.
she was so happy.

all in all, it was a wildly successful.


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