chloe: the bigness of big


:ca ca poo poo:

today is a monumental one.

while chloe and i enjoyed a saturday morning full of food network, i began to smell a stinky. whenever i see her poop, or smell something, i ask her, "tienes ca ca?", meaning do you have poop. she usually gives me a silly look and ensues with the scrunched up nose.

but this time, this time she promptly got up, walked to the guest bathroom door (which we keep closed) and began knocking on it. i opened the door and she walked straight to the toilet, waiting for me to put her on it. hallelujah!

granted, this isn't all on her own. for the past couple weeks when she poops, i put her on the toilet and say "ca ca poo poo", just so she associates poop with toilet. i never expected it to work this quickly. but it did.

i hope to actually get her pooping in the toilet soon. that would be amazing.

oh yeah...she's starting to say "mom".


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