chloe: the bigness of big


:the dry season:

it's been dry. and much to our dismay, the excema is coming back...this time on the legs. poor kid.

she's smart as a whip. she does things that truly make us stop and go, 'oh my gosh!'

what's really funny (but not really funny), is when she knows she's not supposed to do something, or touch something so she'll put something else NEAR that "no-no" item pretending that she's going for the ok item. of course, she'll then do a quick grab for the no-no item.

she loves to have shoes or socks put on her feet. when she sees me pull out the shoes, she'll come over, sit down and put her foot up. so cute.

she really likes to sit in/on things: cabinets, stools, chairs, boxes. we brought her rocking chair out while wheel of fortune was on. she gets in, then gets out. and repeats that many times. until...she decides it's fun to stand on the chair. that quickly ended.

tonight we went out to jack's bbq in hillcrest to celebrate jared's good review at work. the sunlight caught chloe just right.


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