chloe: the bigness of big


:the one:

it is finished. the drama and beauty of little chloe's 1st has come to a close in the complete quiet of this saturday night couch.

it's been a whirlwind couple days capped off by chloe's great behaviour. it seemed as all was working out beautifully, effortlessly...until 9am this morning.

we drove down the street to the park to drop off stuff and reserve a table. as we approached, i noticed that the street was particularly crowded, something unusual for this 'hood. then, we entered the park. people were just running everywhere. there were giant buses, tape, tents, music and thousands of people. what the hek?!

apparently, there was some regional cross country event going on all day, and ending at 3, the same time our party was to begin. needless to say, there were no tables, or even grass available. as we later found out, the grass WAS the track. insanity. we weren't sure what to do, but jared went and asked questions and we decided that we'd return around noon to see if we could snag a table and make sure we had a space. we couldn't change locations at 10 am on her birthday.

long story short, the day got progressively more stressful until about 4pm, when the meet finally ended, and all the groups left. then, it was peachy and perfect. chloe charmed everyone, ate cake, sort of, and was walking everywhere. she was a delight, and sure to sleep. but she just awoke after and hour of being asleep. what the hek?

there's a lot to recount, but we truly must thank all of those that came, helped us out, gave gifts and brought delicious food. we truly enjoyed all the company.



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