chloe: the bigness of big


:what's up?:

no photos today, but a little update. sorry we haven't been updating as much.

she's almost 11 months and so close to walking.

as you parents know, it's a process of first pulling up, then walking along the crib, then walking along with one hand, etc. she's at the one handed point, and able to stand from a sitting position, without holding onto anything. last night she started a new thing. it's what i'd call the downward dog walk. if you know yoga, you're familiar with downward dog, in which you place your hands and feet on the ground in the shape of an upside down V. now imagine walking. she refuses to take our hands and walk. very stubborn and independent already!

she is also getting 4 teeth at once. three on the bottom and one on the top. it's made for continued fussiness and neediness for me. but, i am also learning she loves her snacks. and if she gets a snack before her nap, she's a much happier baby when she awakes. snacks mainly consist of tofu, just because it's an easy cleanup and a good source of meatless protein. and no sugar! she eats anything. basically, i just mix about 4 different things, all different vitamins and feed her. example: kale, apricot, carrot, and plain yogurt. disgusting. but oh so good to her.

this week we are heading to vegas and then going on a roadtrip to the grand canyon with my parents. just a 2 night jaunt, but a much needed break for us. although, i was thinking about how it's not really a total vacation because we have chloe, which is work. but good work. we're hoping to steal some alone time at some point on the trip.

our enjoyment of chloe over these past 11 months has just grown so much. it helps that she sleeps at night, too. but watching her copy things, like holding her pretend mobile phone up to her ear and saying, "hoe", is so fun. she's so inquisitive and smart. everyone comments on her eyes and how they penetrate everything and everyone. nothing gets by her. we are so looking forward to the years to come, joys and sorrows, bumps, jumps, boys, etc. so much to take in.



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