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:poop and cookbooks:

it seems to be chloe's pooping routine, to do it in her jumparoo. there isn't really a specific time of day that it happens, but more often than not, it is in that thing. maybe it's the gravity from standing pulling it down or something. i don't know.

also, while making cauliflower soup and chloe's various purees, i got an idea that i never thought about before, and want opinions/ideas.

since i was a kid, my mom has always told me that i should be a chef or have a restaurant. while the dream of having my own restaurant died with the discovery of my love for photography, i continue to love to cook. she said i loved to mix since i was very small.

as you know, i also enjoy writing.

so, what about a cookbook? i didn't really formulate a theme for it, which i know would be important, but that could be where you come in.

why am i talking about it here? because i would want it to be a cookbook for moms cooking for their kids (toddler on up), wanting CREATIVE, INNOVATIVE, ORGANIC dishes, but not necessarily fancy and difficult.

i checked out books on amazon and there wasn't really much that would fit in that genre. i found one which was for organic cooking from infant to toddler, but that was it. most of it was quick fix meals for soccer moms. literally, i saw two books with the words "soccer mom" in the title. yikes! that's not me.

so, i'm looking for input. how would i do this? where do i start? would people even buy something like this? i have no formal training so how do i convince someone that i'm a credible source for food information?

that's all.


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